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Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette Swatches + New Collab w/ Morphe

So, just about everyone in the beauty community knows who Jaclyn Hill.  I mean how could you not?  She's like one of the biggest beauty gurus on YouTube!  She has worked with brands like Becca Cosmetics & one we are going to talk about today called Morphe!  Morphe is well knows for their brushes obviously since they are really affordable and AMAZING quality.  They also have their own makeup like with eye pallets, makeup setting sprays, liquid lipsticks, concealers ect.  
One of their most sought after eye palettes happens to be the Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette.  When this thing dropped it sold out faster than you could blink an eye.  There was numerous restocks and every time it sold like hot cakes but I was lucky enough to get my hands on one.  I can see why it was so hard to get..... No only is Jaclyn Hill one of the most respected people on YouTube, the eye looks she creates "OMG" to die for!  When I heard about her collaborating with Morphe i knew I had to get …

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