Monday, June 2, 2014

I'M BACK!!!!

     Guess who's back???????

     Yes, I know I have been a little M.I.A. lately but it have been so hectic with school ending, summer sports, vacations and the new business venture i have going on!

(I'm going to make a posts for you ladies dedicated to just this.  So stick around for that!)

     Anyways,  I just wanted to let you ladies know I'm back and ready to start sharing with you all some amazing nail polish and beauty items that I have ran across so keep an eye out! :)

     Oh, and I have also opened a STORENVY shop in order to DESTASH on some beauty/polish items that I have in my collection that I'm just not showing any love!  They really need some good homes so head over and check it out! :) Click here to check out my shop!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

IPSY: February 2014 bag - Look of Love

     Ok ladies, so today I have decided to share with y'all my  FEBRUARY IPSY BAG!! :)  Let me just start off by saying I was really impressed with this months bag.  I pretty much love everything I received.  Out of all of it there is one item I'm on the fence about it.  I'm sure as we go on you will figure out which one that is. Lol

     First off.... Let's start out with the bag itself.  This bag was right up my ally! PINK & ANIMAL PRINT!! :)  The trim was white with a white IPSY zipper as well.

     Now...... Lets move on to what was inside this cute little bag!!


     As you can see this moths bag with pretty much ALL beauty related which... I LOVE!

Zoya - Odette - $9.00 here - Described as a cool tones nude, mauve with a cream finish

     I'm sure by now all of you know how much I love nail polish... Right?  So imagine my excitement when I saw this pretty little thing in my bag! :)

Phyto-c -Velvet Gel - Sample Size 3.75ml - Approx. value $14.23

     Ok, so this is the product that I probably won't be using much of.  You use it twice daily before your makeup application to reduce the appearance of age spots or sun spots. A full size is 15ml and cost $64.00 here.

City Color - Be Matte Blush - Fresh Melon $2.99 here

     One thing I was really excited to see was this blush.  Fresh Melon is such a pretty redish pink and it will be perfect for the summer months ahead.

Pop Beauty - Plump Pout Mini - Peony Petal - $16.00 here

     The Pop Beauty Plump Pout Mini  is described as a high shine lacquer gloss with the long wear of a stain and is packed full of limp plumping peptides.

Jcats - Eyelash & Glue - EL01 - $3.99 here

     Last thing in my Ipsy bag this month was these Jcat EL01 eyelashes & eyelash glue.  I don't wear lashes very often.  Usually on holidays or if I have something important going on.  So, I guess I will try these babies out when the time comes! :)


City Color - Fresh Melon & Pop Beauty - Peony Petal


       All together, without the bag itself, this months Ipsy bag retailed for about $46.21 and I only ended up paying $10.00!! What an amazing deal!!  So..... What did you receive in your Ipsy bag this month?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Colors By Laura K. Review: You're Shrinking, Gilbert!

Banner was made with a photo from Laura's Facebook Page!

     Hey ladies! It's review time again!  Recently the lovely Laura, the mastermind behind the indie brand Colors By Laura K., was sweet enough to send me a sample to review of one of the colors in her polish line.  All of Laura's Polishes are hand made and 3-Free.  Oh and if you like what you see, which I know you will, Laura has a special coupon code going on from now until Christmas in her shop! :)  It's 15% off your ENTIRE purchase with the code: CBLKCHRISTMAS !

Now, how about I show you this beautiful polish I received! :)

" You're Shrinking, Gilbert!"

     You're Shrinking, Gilbert! (YSG) is described as a purple jelly base that is densely packed with silver holographic glitter.  To get an opaque coverage it takes about three coats of this polish.  Although, if you just wanted to use it as a top coat I'm sure that would be just as beautiful and take less product.  Oh and it dries rough because of all the glitter so don't forget to use a good top coat or glitter smoother.  Laura K. suggests Carpe Noctem Cosmetics' "Glitterslayer."  Emily's shop (Carpe Noctem Cosmetics) is currently closed for the holidays but is supposed to reopen on January 1st.  You can also check her Facebook for updates.

     This polish is absolutely beautiful!  From the moment I opened the package I could tell that I was probably going to fall in love with this baby!  I'm obsessed with purple at the moment but some how I didn't have anything similar to this in my collection.  This lilac shade is so dainty on it's own but when you add all the silver holographic glitter to it, it just screams "LOOK AT ME!"  It goes on very evenly, no clumping, and dried pretty fast.  If you are looking for a nice pop of color and sparkle then you should definitely check out YSG!

     Below are a few shots I took to show you just how amazing YSG is!  Now...... Just look at that sparkle! For some reason it reminds me of unicorns.  Majestic & Unique! 

Yes I know they are fictional but when I think of this these colors come to mind! LOL

Now don't forget to go check out Colors By Laura K's pages!

Don't forget coupon code:
for 15% off your purchase until Christmas! :)

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Varnish Vixen Polish Review

     Hey ladies!! I have another polish review for you today! :)  This one is over Varnish Vixen polish.  You can find Varnish Vixen nail polish online in her Etsy Store!  Also, when you get finished checking out my review head over and check out her Facebook page!

Left: Anastasia / Right: Frog Prince

     The two polishes I have to share with you today are Anastasia & Frog Prince.  Like all of the other polishes they sell, these two are hand blended, using 3 free lacquer base, pigments, mica, & glitter.  Also, like everything else sold in her shop, these are cruelty free!


The Etsy description for Anastasia is as follows:
     Anastasia is a milky pink jelly nail polish with a mix of silver glitter with a touch of holographic pigment. It is beautiful alone or layered

     This description is pretty much dead accurate!  It is an absolutely perfect milky/baby doll pink shade with silver glitter in different shapes and sizes and a dusting of holographic pigments to help it sparkle & shine.  It is pretty sheer so I guess you you be safe to call it a jelly.  The picture above took me 3 coats to get the desired opacity & the application was very smooth.  You know how sometime when you applying polish that contains some glitter you sometimes end up with clumps of glitter in one spot and no glitter at all in others?  Well, surprisingly that didn't happen with this one.  The glitter was evenly distributed when I applied it to my nails! 

Frog Prince

Well, I couldn't find Frog Prince in the Etsy store so I will just describe it to you in my own words! :)
      Frog Prince is a dark green Jelly based polish with a mixture of pink & lavender glitter in it.

     This is definitely a true jelly polish!  I say that because the swatch above is also 3 coats.  As you can tell there is still a VNL (visible nail line) even after 3 coats of polish.  That is why I say it's a TURE jelly.  The application was super smooth and easy to use.  There was also no glitter clumping or bald spots with this one also.  Everything with on smoothly & evenly.  It was definitely a no hassle polish. Frog Prince was also very glossy it really didn't need a top coat although I like to use one just to easy my mind. 

      I don't have ANYTHING like this in my collection.  It's really unique! I think the next time I use it I might try to layer it with another polish.  Now, I just have to find the perfect color to layer it with.  Any suggestions? :)

Final Thoughts

     Varnish Vixen has some really nice polishes.  I encourage you to go check them out on Etsy when you get the chance.  Everything I have seen looks pretty unique & the two I have tried seems to be really easy to apply and hassle free!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

F4 Polish Review & Swatches

Banner was made with a photo from their online store!

     Well well well...... It's that time again!!! POLISH SWATCHES!! :)  I'm so excited to be reviewing a brand that I have not yet had the privilege of trying.. F4 Polish!  I was sent 2 mini polishes to review and let me tell you, when I opened the package I was so excited!  These are just complete glitter bombs.

OK... I know y'all are tired of the jibber jabber so lets get started! :)

Review & Swatches

Bottle Shot: Stormy Night
F4 Polish Stormy Night over Zoya Julie
 STORMY NIGHT is described as a clear based polish with mixed matte glitters in purple, black, white and blue in various shapes. 

  The colors in stormy night are absolutely beautiful.  Especially the electric blue hex glitters that are in it.  I have never seen glitters this color in any other polish.  I love it! lol  The only problem was I had a really hard time getting the bigger/chunkier glitters out of the bottle.  I believe that might just be attributed to the fact that the brush on the mini sample polish isn't as big so there is less room to grab a hold of them.  The smaller black glitters came out with no problem.  I imagine it would probably be easier to remove them with the full size polish than the sample size.  So, to fix that problem I just did one coat on my nail  then fished around for the big chunky glitters and when I was able to grab some I just dabbed them into place on my nail.  Problem Solved! :)
Bottle Shot: Piper

F4 Polish Piper over Zoya Julie
PIPER is described as a clear base with various sizes and shapes of purple and white matte glitters.

     I must say.... I'm a sucker for a good purple polish so when I received this purple topper I was really excited I opened the sample package and saw Piper.  This polish was MUCH easier to work with than Stormy Night was.  It still had a little big of a problem with the chunky glitter not wanting to come out but it wasn't as bad. The only thing I can think of is maybe it had to do with the fact that it this bottle consists mostly of smaller glitters instead of being dominated by the larger glitters like Stormy Night.  Either way, Piper ended up going on really nicely.

F4 Polish Links!

     I really hope you enjoyed this review!  If you would like to check out F4 Polishes Facebook page or purchase any of their polishes I have the links listed below! :)


**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

NailNation3000 Review & Swatches

Top Row: Pink-Tastic, Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat, Love Bites, A Mid Summer Nights Dream, Mysterious
Bottom Row: Calypso, 45 Second Top Coat, Pineapple Cuticle Oil
     So, recently Maria at NailNation3000 was sweet enough to send me all of these beauties to review for you ladies!  Since I have heard so many great things about her brand I was really excited to get the chance to share some of them with you!  Now, as I stated above these were sent to me for review purposes and I didn't pay for them.  BUT, as always my review is 100% truthful & my own opinion.  I was not compensated in any way shape or forum.


Bottle Shot: Pink-Tastic

NailNation3000 Pink-Tastic
      Pink-Tastic is an AMAZING dusty pink polish.  It's such a classy polish!  I feel like it would be a perfect polish for the workplace or an elegant evening out.  Just by looking at it in the bottle I figured it would be a pretty sheer polish & require a couple of coats but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the fact that it only took one coat to be fully opaque and the application was flawless.  This is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch!
Bottle Shot: Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat

NailNation3000  Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat over Zoyas Ali
     This top coat is one of NailNation3000's new gray canceling top coats.  Most holo top coats tend to give you polish a slight gray tint after you apply it.  These on the other hand wont!  If you want a beautiful hot pink holo mani then give this top coat a try.  Pick out your favorite hot pink polish and apply this amazing top coat to it.  It will be a true hot pink holo without that gray cast most holo top coats give.  These are definitely a must try if your a holo lover! :)

Bottle Shot: Love Bites

NailNation3000 Love Bites
     Love Bites is  beautiful deep vampy magenta with a slight holo shift.  It was pretty stormy all week so I really couldn't pick up the holo in most of these.  So, I took bottle shots so you all can get an idea of their holo goodness.  Love Bites is also another beautiful one coater. The application was flawless and I think this polish would look beautiful on everyone!
Bottle Shot: A Mid Summer Nights Dream
NailNation3000 A Mid Summer Nights Dream
     A Mid Summer Nights Dream is from NN3000's Dead Poets Collection.  It is a beautiful steel gray with a slight scattered holo in it.  It wasn't quite as opaque with one coat for my liking as the other colors were. It was just boarder line of needing a second coat.  It really just depends on your preference weather you want to add a second coat or not.   I think this will be a beautiful polish for the fall/winter season.

Bottle Shot: Mysterious

NailNation3000 Mysterious
     Ok, now on to my absolute favorite out of the whole bunch...... Mysterious! This polish is like nothing I own.  It holographic purple that shifts to black depending on the angle.  The application was very smooth but it did take three coats to get the coverage I wanted. I won't complain much because I LOVE the color.
Bottle Shot: Calypso
NailNation3000 Calypso
     Now on to my last polish and only glitter of the bunch. Calypso! This polish is full of different types of glitters.  It has a whole bunch of micro orange & a few micro blue glitters.  It also contains some red & blue bar glitters as well as white hex glitters.  This would be really cute as a glitter topper but I wanted to do a mani using only Calypso.  This took about four coats to fully cover my nails. I personally am not to fond of orange but I think this would have been really nice for a Halloween inspired mani.

45 Second Top Coat & Pineapple Cuticle Oil
     The last two things I was sent by the lovely Maria to review was the 45 Second Fast Dry Top Coat and the Pineapple Cuticle Oil.  The top coat was a little thick but not to the point where it wasn't usable.  It actually protected all of my manis really well.  I don't know if it was just because of the top coat or the top coat and the amazing formula of NN3000s polish but this is one of the few polish brands I have found that will actually last nearly a week on me while I'm both working and being a mommy/wife.  I'm lucky to get a full day or two out of most polishes.  I have to say, indie makers sure do know how to make a long lasting polish!

     Finally we have the Pineapple Cuticle Oil.  THIS SMELLS AMAZING!!! :)  I have never used a cuticle oil that smell or makes my nails feel as nice as this one does.  When I put this one on it leave my cuticles feeling and looking amazing but not super oily like my J.R.Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve does.  I will be using the NN3000 as my go to cuticle oil and my J.R. Watkins when I really need some heavy duty cuticle therapy.  

Final Opinion

     First off I want to start by saying thank you so much to Maria for giving me this opportunity to review and share her brand with all my lovely readers.  I really enjoyed getting to work with you.  If you haven't go to experience the amazing products Maria at NailNation3000 has to offer you should really check them out.  You won't be disappointed!  She has some really beautiful colors in her Storenvy Shop.  Also don't forget to go like her Facebook Page for upcoming releases and more info on her brand.

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Enchanted Polish Future Reflections & Austin Powers


     Hey Ladies!! So I have been on a little bit of a "Nail Polish Kick" lately.  Well, lets say more of an "Indie Polish" kick!  I have been lucky enough to snag up some highly sought after Enchanted Polish or EP's for short! The two I have to share with you today is Feature Reflections & Austin Powers.

Future Reflections         &            Austin Powers

     Future Reflections

Future Reflections - Time To Pretend Collection - is described as a prismatic polish with navy blue/purple/pink shifts.  This pretty much means that the color changed from navy blue to purple and to pink depending on the light and the angle in which you hold it.  You know how a duo-chrome polish changes from one color to another in different angles?  Well I guess this would be called a multi-chrome? since it has more of a color shift to it. It is an absolutely beautiful & holographic/multi-chrome polish.  If you love duo-chrome/multi-chrome polishes or holographic polishes you should definitely try this one out!  I can bet you wont be to disappointed.  It's the best of both worlds! :)

Austin Powers

Please disregarded my short nails in this pic. 
They had broke off so I had to file them down. :(
They are finally growing out as you can
 see in the Future Reflections pic! :)
Austin Powers - is a gold holographic polish with gold flakes & tiny redish glitters.  Pictures really DO NOT do this polish justice.  I don't tend to gravitate towards gold polishes but this on I couldn't resist.  The holo and the tiny red glitter really helps to tone down that bright gold and makes it wearable for most skin tones.  For some reason the camera just doesn't seem to pick up how holographic this baby really is. It is breath taking in person!  I can't wait to try it over a dark base.  I think it will be beautiful! :)


     These were my first 2 EP's and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed.  The formula is absolutely dreamy.  They glide on smoothly and evenly and are really easy to clean up.  Now as for lasting power,  at work as a secretary where I am constantly on the computer either typing letters for my boss, letters to customers, looking up bills or taking payments. (I know it's a little more than a secretary usually does.  I guess u can say we do a little of everything.)  Plus I'm a mom so my son always needs me to do something for him.  Needless to say, I am constantly using my hands.  Seeing as I am always either typing, working with money or helping with this or that most polishes don't last a day or two on my hands.  I was wowed by how long these actually lasted.  Austin Powers made it a WHOLE WEEK without chipping!!!  I have never had polish last that long on my nails.  As for Future Reflections, it didn't last quite that long but it did make it about 4 days before I saw a single chip.  To me, that is still amazing!  If you are able to get your hands on these two, or any EP for that matter, then in my opinion your very lucky!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my post.  Feel free to leave me any comments down below & please subscribe through GFC and/or like my Facebook page!! (Polish Junkie)
P.S. Be on the look out for some NailNation3000 reviews coming soon! :)