Hey Ya'll, welcome to my blog.  I'm new to blogging so bare with me on this!! LOL. This blog is going to be about many different things but mainly about life as MOMMY and WIFE and I'm  going to take a swing at starting some crafts and blogging about them on here also.  I'm thinking about doing some seasonal wreaths in the next few weeks.  

     Anyways, enough about that, let me tell you about these two AMAZING guys in my life that I love and cherish with all my heart.  One is my wonderful husband, Carle, he makes me feel like a princess every single day without even trying.  We just recently got married December 03, 2011 and it was everything I dreamed of and more. We were without a doubt a match made in heaven. I could not ask for a better husband.  He is absolutely incredible and is, in our opinion, the most AMAZING DAD EVER!!

     The other is my incredibly adorable and sweet little boy, Conner.  He just turned 5 and is graduating from Pre-K this weekend!!  Its so sad to think my baby boy isn't much of a baby anymore.  Hes growing up and about to start kindergarten.  You know, when I was young I always heard the older people tell me things like "Oh you grew up so fast!" In my head I was thinking, "No I didn't." but, the truth is, you never realize how right they are until you have a little one of your own.  Then you really see how time flys right past you.  You have to make the most out of every single minute you have with your child because before you know it they will be graduating High School and going off to College.  BUT, no matter how old he gets he will ALWAYS be Mommy and Daddys baby boy!!  :)


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