Enchanted Polish Future Reflections & Austin Powers


     Hey Ladies!! So I have been on a little bit of a "Nail Polish Kick" lately.  Well, lets say more of an "Indie Polish" kick!  I have been lucky enough to snag up some highly sought after Enchanted Polish or EP's for short! The two I have to share with you today is Feature Reflections & Austin Powers.

Future Reflections         &            Austin Powers

     Future Reflections

Future Reflections - Time To Pretend Collection - is described as a prismatic polish with navy blue/purple/pink shifts.  This pretty much means that the color changed from navy blue to purple and to pink depending on the light and the angle in which you hold it.  You know how a duo-chrome polish changes from one color to another in different angles?  Well I guess this would be called a multi-chrome? since it has more of a color shift to it. It is an absolutely beautiful & holographic/multi-chrome polish.  If you love duo-chrome/multi-chrome polishes or holographic polishes you should definitely try this one out!  I can bet you wont be to disappointed.  It's the best of both worlds! :)

Austin Powers

Please disregarded my short nails in this pic. 
They had broke off so I had to file them down. :(
They are finally growing out as you can
 see in the Future Reflections pic! :)
Austin Powers - is a gold holographic polish with gold flakes & tiny redish glitters.  Pictures really DO NOT do this polish justice.  I don't tend to gravitate towards gold polishes but this on I couldn't resist.  The holo and the tiny red glitter really helps to tone down that bright gold and makes it wearable for most skin tones.  For some reason the camera just doesn't seem to pick up how holographic this baby really is. It is breath taking in person!  I can't wait to try it over a dark base.  I think it will be beautiful! :)


     These were my first 2 EP's and I have to say I was definitely not disappointed.  The formula is absolutely dreamy.  They glide on smoothly and evenly and are really easy to clean up.  Now as for lasting power,  at work as a secretary where I am constantly on the computer either typing letters for my boss, letters to customers, looking up bills or taking payments. (I know it's a little more than a secretary usually does.  I guess u can say we do a little of everything.)  Plus I'm a mom so my son always needs me to do something for him.  Needless to say, I am constantly using my hands.  Seeing as I am always either typing, working with money or helping with this or that most polishes don't last a day or two on my hands.  I was wowed by how long these actually lasted.  Austin Powers made it a WHOLE WEEK without chipping!!!  I have never had polish last that long on my nails.  As for Future Reflections, it didn't last quite that long but it did make it about 4 days before I saw a single chip.  To me, that is still amazing!  If you are able to get your hands on these two, or any EP for that matter, then in my opinion your very lucky!  Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed my post.  Feel free to leave me any comments down below & please subscribe through GFC and/or like my Facebook page!! (Polish Junkie)
P.S. Be on the look out for some NailNation3000 reviews coming soon! :)


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