Varnish Vixen Polish Review

     Hey ladies!! I have another polish review for you today! :)  This one is over Varnish Vixen polish.  You can find Varnish Vixen nail polish online in her Etsy Store!  Also, when you get finished checking out my review head over and check out her Facebook page!

Left: Anastasia / Right: Frog Prince

     The two polishes I have to share with you today are Anastasia & Frog Prince.  Like all of the other polishes they sell, these two are hand blended, using 3 free lacquer base, pigments, mica, & glitter.  Also, like everything else sold in her shop, these are cruelty free!


The Etsy description for Anastasia is as follows:
     Anastasia is a milky pink jelly nail polish with a mix of silver glitter with a touch of holographic pigment. It is beautiful alone or layered

     This description is pretty much dead accurate!  It is an absolutely perfect milky/baby doll pink shade with silver glitter in different shapes and sizes and a dusting of holographic pigments to help it sparkle & shine.  It is pretty sheer so I guess you you be safe to call it a jelly.  The picture above took me 3 coats to get the desired opacity & the application was very smooth.  You know how sometime when you applying polish that contains some glitter you sometimes end up with clumps of glitter in one spot and no glitter at all in others?  Well, surprisingly that didn't happen with this one.  The glitter was evenly distributed when I applied it to my nails! 

Frog Prince

Well, I couldn't find Frog Prince in the Etsy store so I will just describe it to you in my own words! :)
      Frog Prince is a dark green Jelly based polish with a mixture of pink & lavender glitter in it.

     This is definitely a true jelly polish!  I say that because the swatch above is also 3 coats.  As you can tell there is still a VNL (visible nail line) even after 3 coats of polish.  That is why I say it's a TURE jelly.  The application was super smooth and easy to use.  There was also no glitter clumping or bald spots with this one also.  Everything with on smoothly & evenly.  It was definitely a no hassle polish. Frog Prince was also very glossy it really didn't need a top coat although I like to use one just to easy my mind. 

      I don't have ANYTHING like this in my collection.  It's really unique! I think the next time I use it I might try to layer it with another polish.  Now, I just have to find the perfect color to layer it with.  Any suggestions? :)

Final Thoughts

     Varnish Vixen has some really nice polishes.  I encourage you to go check them out on Etsy when you get the chance.  Everything I have seen looks pretty unique & the two I have tried seems to be really easy to apply and hassle free!


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