Daily Lacquer Polish Review


       So, I recently was lucky enough to have the wonderful Maggy of Daily Lacquer send me two of her polishes, both from the All You Need is Love Collection, for review.  

     Needless to say I was really excited when I saw this package in my mail box.  I have been dying to try her polishes for the longest time since they are beautiful & all 3-free!  The colors are so fun and girly.  Plus her full size bottles are really unique and cute.  They remind me of mini genie bottles. I also love the way she packaged her mini bottles.  Each one is wrapped in some really frilly/girly bags. I guess you could say, as far as packaging goes she already has a A+ from me! :)

      Now, on to the polishes them self.   The two I received were Come What May & The Green Fairy!  

     When I first opened these I was immediately drawn to Come What May!  It is absolutely stunning.  I love the light gray base mixed with pink hearts and round glitters.  I don't wear alot of grays but I really do like this one because the little pink hearts and glitter still make it girly, which I defiantly am! :) 

 It takes a few coats to get it opaque, I believe this was 3, but that makes sense because she describes it on her ETSY SITE as "a light grey crelly polish filled with hot pink holographic and matte glitter!! The lovers in the Moulin Rouge sang things song to remind each other that no matter what happens they would always love each other. <3. "
I recently lost one of my dogs who was like one of my kids.  
He was black, white & turning gray too since he was a little old man.  
So, this as a memorial mani for him!  RIP Kodo! 
 We love you buddy! 

    When I first saw the "The Green Fairy" I was floored at how beautiful the holographic glitters were but, I was a little scared of it because I don't wear alot of greenish colors.  They just don't seem to go well with my skin tone. 

     In the end tho I really did enjoy it.  The polish didn't go on that green.  After I got it on, it had more of a yellowish tint to it so I was really happy about that.  It is described on the website as "a luscious gold/green creme polish filled with tiny specks of holographic gold glitter. The Green Fairy represents a night of naughty absinthe drinking in Paris before the journey to the Moulin Rouge begins for the young writer. Enjoy this beautiful polish on a night of fun and debauchery!"  

     The application of this one was great.  It went on opaque in 2 coats & the drying time was amazing.  By the time I finished putting the first coat on my right hand, my left hand was dry.  I love not having to wait forever on a polish to dry.  I guess because I'm a tad bit impatient. lol  I mean what can I say, a mommys work is NEVER done! :) Unfortunately, I couldn't quite pick up the holographic glitter this polish has on my camera.

I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Maggy of Daily Lacquer for sending me these polishes to review for her.  I love them and I can not wait to try some more of you polishes.  I will be making a purchase VERY SOON! :)

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!


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