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     Hey ladies!! Today I have a very exciting review for you all.  I was recently lucky enough to meet a super sweet & lovely lady named Lynne Cooper in a facebook group for bloggers.  She was reaching out to bloggers for reviews opportunities. When I saw the products her company offered I couldn't pass up! (So glad she allowed me chance to work with her company.  She is an amazing person!) Lynne is a Younique Products Independent Presenter & has her own online site (link above) where she sales some amazing makeup products.  { Don't forget to check it out! :) } 
So, I know you all are wanting to see the goodies I received!  Don't you?  Here it is........... :)

The Package


Disclaimer:  These products were all sent to me free to review but my opinions are 100% honest and completely mine. 

Makeup Brushes

     The three makeup brushes I got to review are a flat shadow brush, a liner brush and a blush brush.  These brushes are amazing & I'm a sucker for anything pink! lol  You can tell these are high quality brushes because they are really nice, heavy and durable.  The bristles are super soft and it makes them easy to deal with. I have been using the flat shadow brush to apply shadow to my lid & obviously I use the blush brush for my blush and sometimes to highlight my cheek bones.  Then, I love using the liner brush to apply shadows to my lower lash line.  It really works well for that.  Since I received these brushes there hasn't been a day that I haven't used them. 

Moodstruck Glorious Face & Eye Primer

    The Moodstruck Glorious Face & Eye Primer (40ml $39) is made with Elastin, Dimethicone, Trehalose, Vitamin E, Hyaluronan, Butylene Glycol & Silk crosspolymer and described as being incredible long-wearing, & has sweat-proof coverage.  It is 100% natural, paraben free, and doesn't contain any cheap fillers.  This primer is amazing.  It feels great on your skin and blends in easily. It can be used on both your face or eyes to help your makeup stay in place.  I have tried it both ways and have to admit it has really good staying power. It doesn't take a whole lot to prime your whole face and keep it looking great.  I put this on under my foundation in the morning before work and by the time I get back home (about 8 hrs) it still looks great to wear out!  It's also a really good eye primer but I prefer mine to have some tint to it (like UD Primer Potion) that way everything looks smooth and even.  As far as face primers go.... This is now my go to! 

Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powder / Moodstruck Minerals Blusher

(Top: Glamorous, Crushed, Playful, Sweet)
(Bottom: Curious, Heavenly, Vulnerable, Naïve)
(Mineralized Pigments: Crushed, Playful, Naïve, Curious, Vulnerable, Glamorous, Blusher: Sweet)
     Moodstruck Minerals Pigments (1.25grams $10) and Blushers (5.25grams $35) are said to be 100% natural, chemical-free, mineral-based pigment powders, free of talc, oils, preservatives, perfumes, synthetic dyes, and parabens. These mineral eye shadow pigments are have very nice pigmentation (the only one that was a tad bit patchy at first was crushed but with some blending it turned out really nice), as well as this beautiful blush, but can be easily blended out to suit your needs.  The pigments can all be used wet or dry depending on your preference.  These swatches are just one swipe of color over no base. The shimmers are beautiful and sparkle like crazy.  (I'm obsessed with sparkle and glitter so these stole my heart!)  As for the matte colors, it's really hard find matte shadows that go on smoothly and opaque but these pigments did just that.  The texture and pigmentation was very nice and the fall out didn't seem to be that bad.  I am definitely a big fan of Younique Pigments and Blushes now! 
     For this look I used only 4 pigments and I really like how it turned out!  As I said before, these pigments can be used dry for a more natural look or wet for a look that will definitely stand out.  Since I was heading to work I decided to play it down a little and use them dry. I took Vulnerable and put it all over my lid.  Next I placed Heavenly in my upper crease and blended it out with Curious.  Next I took Glamorous and placed it in my outer V and slightly blended it into my lower crease to give it more definition.  Lastly I just took Curious and placed it all over my brow bone for a little more sparkle!

Overall Opinion  

     Overall,  on a scale of 1-10 I would have to give the products I have tried 9.8/10!  If Crushed would have been a little smoother it would have been a 10/10 all the way.  This company is really amazing & I'm looking forward to trying more from Younique Products in the near future. If you're looking for some really good natural makeup products or just want to try something new then you really should give them a chance.  So, run over & check out Lynne and the amazing products that Younique Products offer!

 Giveaway Time

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!


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