F4 Polish Review & Swatches

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     Well well well...... It's that time again!!! POLISH SWATCHES!! :)  I'm so excited to be reviewing a brand that I have not yet had the privilege of trying.. F4 Polish!  I was sent 2 mini polishes to review and let me tell you, when I opened the package I was so excited!  These are just complete glitter bombs.

OK... I know y'all are tired of the jibber jabber so lets get started! :)

Review & Swatches

Bottle Shot: Stormy Night
F4 Polish Stormy Night over Zoya Julie
 STORMY NIGHT is described as a clear based polish with mixed matte glitters in purple, black, white and blue in various shapes. 

  The colors in stormy night are absolutely beautiful.  Especially the electric blue hex glitters that are in it.  I have never seen glitters this color in any other polish.  I love it! lol  The only problem was I had a really hard time getting the bigger/chunkier glitters out of the bottle.  I believe that might just be attributed to the fact that the brush on the mini sample polish isn't as big so there is less room to grab a hold of them.  The smaller black glitters came out with no problem.  I imagine it would probably be easier to remove them with the full size polish than the sample size.  So, to fix that problem I just did one coat on my nail  then fished around for the big chunky glitters and when I was able to grab some I just dabbed them into place on my nail.  Problem Solved! :)
Bottle Shot: Piper

F4 Polish Piper over Zoya Julie
PIPER is described as a clear base with various sizes and shapes of purple and white matte glitters.

     I must say.... I'm a sucker for a good purple polish so when I received this purple topper I was really excited I opened the sample package and saw Piper.  This polish was MUCH easier to work with than Stormy Night was.  It still had a little big of a problem with the chunky glitter not wanting to come out but it wasn't as bad. The only thing I can think of is maybe it had to do with the fact that it this bottle consists mostly of smaller glitters instead of being dominated by the larger glitters like Stormy Night.  Either way, Piper ended up going on really nicely.

F4 Polish Links!

     I really hope you enjoyed this review!  If you would like to check out F4 Polishes Facebook page or purchase any of their polishes I have the links listed below! :)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/F4Polish
Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/f4polish
BigCartel: http://f4polish.bigcartel.com/

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!


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