NailNation3000 Review & Swatches

Top Row: Pink-Tastic, Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat, Love Bites, A Mid Summer Nights Dream, Mysterious
Bottom Row: Calypso, 45 Second Top Coat, Pineapple Cuticle Oil
     So, recently Maria at NailNation3000 was sweet enough to send me all of these beauties to review for you ladies!  Since I have heard so many great things about her brand I was really excited to get the chance to share some of them with you!  Now, as I stated above these were sent to me for review purposes and I didn't pay for them.  BUT, as always my review is 100% truthful & my own opinion.  I was not compensated in any way shape or forum.


Bottle Shot: Pink-Tastic

NailNation3000 Pink-Tastic
      Pink-Tastic is an AMAZING dusty pink polish.  It's such a classy polish!  I feel like it would be a perfect polish for the workplace or an elegant evening out.  Just by looking at it in the bottle I figured it would be a pretty sheer polish & require a couple of coats but I was actually pleasantly surprised by the fact that it only took one coat to be fully opaque and the application was flawless.  This is definitely one of my favorites out of the bunch!
Bottle Shot: Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat

NailNation3000  Pink Color Tint Holo Top Coat over Zoyas Ali
     This top coat is one of NailNation3000's new gray canceling top coats.  Most holo top coats tend to give you polish a slight gray tint after you apply it.  These on the other hand wont!  If you want a beautiful hot pink holo mani then give this top coat a try.  Pick out your favorite hot pink polish and apply this amazing top coat to it.  It will be a true hot pink holo without that gray cast most holo top coats give.  These are definitely a must try if your a holo lover! :)

Bottle Shot: Love Bites

NailNation3000 Love Bites
     Love Bites is  beautiful deep vampy magenta with a slight holo shift.  It was pretty stormy all week so I really couldn't pick up the holo in most of these.  So, I took bottle shots so you all can get an idea of their holo goodness.  Love Bites is also another beautiful one coater. The application was flawless and I think this polish would look beautiful on everyone!
Bottle Shot: A Mid Summer Nights Dream
NailNation3000 A Mid Summer Nights Dream
     A Mid Summer Nights Dream is from NN3000's Dead Poets Collection.  It is a beautiful steel gray with a slight scattered holo in it.  It wasn't quite as opaque with one coat for my liking as the other colors were. It was just boarder line of needing a second coat.  It really just depends on your preference weather you want to add a second coat or not.   I think this will be a beautiful polish for the fall/winter season.

Bottle Shot: Mysterious

NailNation3000 Mysterious
     Ok, now on to my absolute favorite out of the whole bunch...... Mysterious! This polish is like nothing I own.  It holographic purple that shifts to black depending on the angle.  The application was very smooth but it did take three coats to get the coverage I wanted. I won't complain much because I LOVE the color.
Bottle Shot: Calypso
NailNation3000 Calypso
     Now on to my last polish and only glitter of the bunch. Calypso! This polish is full of different types of glitters.  It has a whole bunch of micro orange & a few micro blue glitters.  It also contains some red & blue bar glitters as well as white hex glitters.  This would be really cute as a glitter topper but I wanted to do a mani using only Calypso.  This took about four coats to fully cover my nails. I personally am not to fond of orange but I think this would have been really nice for a Halloween inspired mani.

45 Second Top Coat & Pineapple Cuticle Oil
     The last two things I was sent by the lovely Maria to review was the 45 Second Fast Dry Top Coat and the Pineapple Cuticle Oil.  The top coat was a little thick but not to the point where it wasn't usable.  It actually protected all of my manis really well.  I don't know if it was just because of the top coat or the top coat and the amazing formula of NN3000s polish but this is one of the few polish brands I have found that will actually last nearly a week on me while I'm both working and being a mommy/wife.  I'm lucky to get a full day or two out of most polishes.  I have to say, indie makers sure do know how to make a long lasting polish!

     Finally we have the Pineapple Cuticle Oil.  THIS SMELLS AMAZING!!! :)  I have never used a cuticle oil that smell or makes my nails feel as nice as this one does.  When I put this one on it leave my cuticles feeling and looking amazing but not super oily like my J.R.Watkins Hand & Cuticle Salve does.  I will be using the NN3000 as my go to cuticle oil and my J.R. Watkins when I really need some heavy duty cuticle therapy.  

Final Opinion

     First off I want to start by saying thank you so much to Maria for giving me this opportunity to review and share her brand with all my lovely readers.  I really enjoyed getting to work with you.  If you haven't go to experience the amazing products Maria at NailNation3000 has to offer you should really check them out.  You won't be disappointed!  She has some really beautiful colors in her Storenvy Shop.  Also don't forget to go like her Facebook Page for upcoming releases and more info on her brand.

**** The opinions stated in the blog post are mine and mine alone. I tried each product and came up with my own conclusions.  I was sent these products to review but was NOT paid, persuaded or compensated in any way!


  1. That is a cool haul of prettiness. I like Mysterious the best, it's gorgeous!

    1. I agree. Mysterious is probably my favorite out of the bunch! I love them all but it's absolutely beautiful on, the most unique and I have nothing like it in my collection!

  2. wow you did great job , loved the color of this polish ..
    i absolutely love this brand of indie
    few days ago i reviewed about 5 of them on my blog here,I hope you would enjoy this
    i love all of them but my next on the list is surely going to be " love bites"..
    lovely review , getting added to your blog , hope to see you on my blog too :)


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