Liebster Award!!

Wow... I'm so excited!  I got nominated for a Liebster Award by the lovely Erica over at Ericas Nails and More!!  Thanks so much Erica.  I appreciate it! :)

So, I know you are probably wondering..... What is a Liebster Award?  It's an award that is given out to bloggers who have 200 followers or less.  First you have to list 11 facts about yourself and then answer the 11 question the blogger who nominated you created.  It's a good way to help your followers get to know you better.  :)  Lastly, tag 11 other bloggers you would like to nominate for the award.

So... Without further ado.... Here are my facts!! :)

1.  Today is mine and my husbands 1 year wedding anniversary.
2.  My favorite colors are Pink & Purple.
3.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE Italian food.  I could eat some forum of pasta daily!
4.  I am defiantly have blonde moments from time to time and am not afraid to admit it. :)
5.  I love to go to the river, camping and floating every summer.
6.  I have not been out of the United States but eventually want to go to the Caribbean or the Bahamas.
7.  I love to sing.  I was in both All-Region and All-State choir in school.
8.  I love relaxing & watching movies with my hubby and our sweet little boy. I could do that all day long! :)
9.  I have an obsession with nail polish.  But, I'm sure we all do! :)
10.I love flip flops/sandles and heels.  I wear them almost year round.
11.Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love to buy gifts for everyone and see their faces when they open them! :)

Now on to the questions........

1.  What is your favorite movie?  -  The Notebook

2.  What do you do for a living?  -  Right now I work as a secretary for my local Water Department.

3.  If you could rename your favorite polish color, what polish would you choose and what would you rename it?  - My favorite polish right now is China Glaze Ruby Pumps but I don't think I could rename that one because the name suits it so well.  The only thing I would change about it would be instead of Ruby Pumps call it Ruby Slippers.  It reminds me so much of the slippers off of the Wizard Of Oz! (which I believe it's supposed too)  If I had to choose a polish of mine to really rename it would be Zoya's Monica.  I would rename it Plum Pretty because it is an amazing plum color and I believe that name would suites it very well.

4.  What other hobbies do you have other than polishing?  - Well I'm a country girl and I love hunting.  Bow hunting is my biggest obsession other than nail polish.  But, I do it right because I have a Hot Pink Mathews Jewel that I hunt with.  You know I have to keep it girly! :)

5.  What movie or TV show best describes your personality?  - Well if you gave my husband the option to choose he would say Legally Blonde.  He always likes to tease that I'm so smart but yet so blonde at the same time.  I guess you could say he's kind of right at times because I do defiantly have some blonde tendencies from time to time.  

6.  If you could have a fictional character as your best friend, who would it be?  - I think it would be pretty cool to have Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City as a best friend.  

7.  What is the one thing in life you wish you could do-over?  Why?
  -  When I was younger I always said I wanted to be a lawyer.  After I had my little boy I changed my major to just Criminal Justice that way I could be home with my little man. If I I could go back I would try to follow through and go to law school.

8.  What is your staple product for hand and nail care, something you can't live or leave home without?  - I love love love Bath & Bodyworks hand lotions.  I can't stand to have dry hands so I have 2 bottles in my car, 1 in my purse, 2 at work and a WHOLE BUNCH at home.  I would go crazy without my hand lotion

9.  What is your favorite song from a movie?
  -  "A Whole New World" from Aladdin

10.  What is your favorite type/style of nail art?
   -  I love all different types of nail art but I guess my favorite would be gradients.  I just wish I could make them look as good as the one I have seen.  I have tried but I guess it just takes practice.

11.  What super power do you wish you had?  Why?
  -  I wish I had SUPER STRENGTH that way I don't have to go running to my husband when I can't get my polish open. :)

Now that everyone knows me alittle bit better, it's time for new questions for the new bloggers.

1.  If you HAD to choose one nail polish to take with you on a deserted island, what would it be? 
2.  What is your favorite polish brand?
3.  What is your favorite type of animal?
4.  Name one place in the world you MUST visit before you die.
5.  What was your favorite Christmas movie growing up as kid?
6.  Other than nail polish, what is your go to accessory during Winter?
7.  What is your favorite season?
8.  What is your favorite TV-Series?
9.  Do you work, go to school, or both?
10. If you could create 1 polish that signifies who you are, what would it look like?
11. What is the most memorable moment in your life?

Ok....... So now here are the lucky Bloggers that I nominate for the Liebster Award!! :)

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